Tuesday, 25 October 2016

moving forward

After the great success of Impro meets books, time to move forward.

Next show? 3 December. More information will follow.

The course? Well, for the first time in our story we're fully booked, even overbooked. It's great, happy to deal with this problem, but we're in the position to do not accept more people, sorry! We'll see if from January 2017 we can fix logistics to welcome new people, for the time being it's impossible.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Impro meets Books (22 Oct)

Yes, we're back!
Yes, this is our first show for season 4!
Yes, please bring your favourite book!
No, this time we're at L'Arrière-Scène in Etterbeek, even bigger theatre!
Yes, better if you book online, see below
Yes, two teams improvising based on your favourite books!
No Mercy! The two teams will compete against each other.
Ah yes, on stage: Alexandros, Alice, Blaz, Darko, Desi, Hannah, Laura, Marco, Martin, Vassilis (+Nicola as MC)
Yes, if you want you can bring more than 1 book...
Yes, also non-English books, but help us to translate it!
Yes, it's always everything improvised!

... because yes, Improv and Books are awesome together!