Chapter 6. Coaching for Teambuilding

From time to time, we have started doing some coachings for companies that want to make team building events. It is usually a slot of 3-4 hours with games similar to our 'traditional' coachings, but adapted for working environments. Goals, objectives and costs can be tailored depending on needs.

In general, the scope of these workshops is to use techniques from theatre improvisation to develop following concepts - The importance of listening, listening as an active action, listening beyond words - Body language as fundamental way for communication and interactions, mainly in working environments where non-native speakers use English - “yes and…” as way to make communication progressing, working on acceptance and open proposal. These three notions, fundamental in theatre improvisation, will be explored using games and other collective exercises. The aim is to show to the group that they will be able to improvise a complete story in just few hours.

Please contact us for more information.